Hire a 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser J78 Series in Kenya

Explore the heart of Kenya’s majestic landscapes with the iconic 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser rental J78 Series, a vehicle synonymous with luxury safari tours in Kenya. Renowned for its reliability and exceptional performance, the Land Cruiser 78 series, also known as the Land Cruiser Legendary, stands tall as the preferred choice for discerning travelers navigating the diverse national parks of Kenya.

Distinctive Features

Vehicle Size: The Land Cruiser Legendary boasts an impressive size, measuring 4720mm in length, 1955mm in height, and 1770mm in width. It is equipped with five entrances, including two front doors, two in the passenger section, and a double door at the back.

Occupancy Options: our Safari Land Cruiser car hire offers flexibility with two occupancy options – a 6-seat model featuring two front seats and four in the spacious passenger section, and an 8-seat model with two upfront seats and six in the commodious wagon compartment. Each seat is strategically positioned near a window, ensuring maximum comfort and exposure to the rejuvenating African breeze.

Color Palette: Embracing nature’s hues, our 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser rental cars are elegantly painted in dark green, cream, white, and deep green, seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings of the safari landscapes.

Luxurious Comfort and Convenience

Interior Comfort: Hire a Car Kenya‘s  Land Cruiser 78 series offers a lavish interior with customized, spacious, and plush seats, providing the utmost comfort during safari travels. Passengers can revel in the spacious cabin, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

Travel Enhancements: Designed for the modern traveler, the Land Cruiser car rental comes equipped with a range of travel-enhancing accessories. These include an air conditioner for climate control, a fridge to keep refreshments cool, charging sockets for electronic devices, and a premium music system for an immersive experience.

Performance and Specifications

Drivetrain: Fitted with a robust 4×4 drivetrain, the Land Cruiser rental car Legendary is an all-terrain powerhouse, capable of conquering diverse landscapes with ease. Its manual transmissions offer a hands-on driving experience, enhancing the connection between driver and machine.

Fuel Efficiency: While known for its power, the Land Cruiser is also mindful of fuel consumption. With a 4164cc engine size (1KHZ) and a maximum power of 96/3800kw/rpm, it covers one liter of gas per 4 kilometers on speedways and one liter per 5 kilometers on city lanes, ensuring an efficient journey.

Timeless Models

Manufacturing Years: The Land Cruiser 78 series in the fleet comprises models from the years 1990 to 2016, showcasing a timeless design that has stood the test of time, making it a symbol of enduring excellence.

Embark on an unforgettable safari adventure in the 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser car rental J78 Series, where luxury meets wilderness, and every journey is a celebration of the African spirit.

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