Rent a 4×4 Safari Van in Kenya

When it comes to group travel ventures in Kenya, our 4×4 Safari Van stands out as the ideal car rental choice for an unforgettable journey. This 10-seater minibus, inclusive of a driver and nine passengers, is the preferred vehicle for tourists exploring the captivating national parks of the country.

Car Specifications

Size: The Hiace Van safari car rental boasts a length of 4.5m, a height of 1.9m, and a width of 1.6m. With four doors, including a grand passenger door on the co-driver side and an emergency exit at the rear, it ensures convenient entry and exit.

Color: Dressed in the recommended and popular jungle color, lime green, our safari vans not only blend seamlessly with nature but also maintain their durability and vibrancy in any climate.

Occupancy: Unlike traditional commuter taxis with 15 seats, our safari van car hire accommodates 10 individuals, providing ample space for comfort. Though it has a compact trunk, a rooftop decker allows for convenient storage of large luggage.


Drivetrain: Sporting a 4×4 drivetrain, our safari vans are mainly equipped with manual transmissions, offering the thrill of hands-on control. However, for those who prefer automatic transmissions, we have a few available.

Comfort: The interior is designed for comfort and safety, with well-spaced seats, seat belts, air conditioning, and refrigerators for drinks and fruits. The pop-up roof enhances wildlife viewing experiences during game drives in the savannah parks.

Mechanical Robustness: Built between 1998 and 2009, our safari van car rentals in Kenya boast a robust structure, making them resilient on rugged Kenyan roads. The spare tire and toolbox ensure preparedness for any unexpected situations

Fuel Efficiency

Engine: With an engine size of 2,770cc, our safari vans strike a balance between power and fuel efficiency. Most run on diesel, consuming approximately one liter per 9 miles on city roads and 1 liter per 7 miles on highways.

Affordable Rentals

Cost: Enjoy the adventure without breaking the bank. Our safari van car rentals in Kenya are available for self-drive at $150 per day or $200 per day with a skilled driver, ensuring an affordable and accessible option for group travel.

For an authentic and thrilling safari experience in Kenya, our 4×4 Safari Van car hire is your perfect companion. Whether you’re exploring the vast landscapes or observing wildlife in their natural habitat, this reliable and budget-friendly minibus promises the adventure of a lifetime.

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