Car Rental Kenya With a Driver-guide

Are you dreaming of an adventurous off-road safari in the heart of Kenya, but the idea of navigating unfamiliar terrain gives you second thoughts? Look no further. Hire a Car Kenya presents you with the ideal solution. Rent a car with a driver to explore the wonders of Kenya’s wildlife without the stress of driving.

Our team takes pride in collaborating with well-trained and amiable driver guides who possess extensive knowledge of Kenya. Choosing a rental car with a private driver is the ideal option for road trip enthusiasts who want control over their holiday and itinerary while leaving the driving to a skilled local expert.

Why Choose a Private Driver in Kenya

Picture this: no stress, no difficulties, and no long hours behind the wheel. Your local driver-guide is there to facilitate and enhance your travels. Not only will they safely navigate you to your destination, but they’ll also lead you on exhilarating game drives in safari parks, recommend the best lunch spots, and help you find the perfect places to stock up on supplies.

These experienced driver-guides are not just chauffeurs; they become your companions in exploration. Fluent in English, they are knowledgeable tour guides and adept bush mechanics, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey. Your itinerary is yours to command, and our driver guides are ready to assist, recommend, and enrich your adventure.

What to Expect When Renting a Private Driver in Kenya

Your experienced driver-guide takes on the responsibility of ensuring your safety and keeping the car in top condition. Beyond driving, they become your travel concierge, guiding you to the best restaurants, assisting with supplies, and offering insights to fine-tune your itinerary. The driver will accompany you on your journey, sharing their expertise about local culture and wildlife.

Feel free to engage with your driver-guide; ask questions, seek recommendations, and immerse yourself in the richness of Kenya. You’re not just hiring a driver – you’re gaining a friend and returning home with a profound understanding of this incredible country.

Costs for Hiring a Driver in Kenya

For the added convenience and expertise of a private driver-guide, the cost is $60/day. Rest assured, all proceeds go directly to the driver, covering their meals and accommodation. Lodges offer facilities for driver-guides at reduced rates, eliminating the need for extra accommodation arrangements.

Planning a camping adventure? We’ve got you covered – camping gear for your driver is provided. Keep in mind additional costs, including entrance fees ($5 – $15/day), camp fees (maximum $15/night), and fuel, which remain at your expense. Your rental car is delivered with a quarter tank, and we kindly request it be returned in the same condition.

Embark on a Kenya safari with confidence, knowing your journey is not just about the destination but the extraordinary experience along the way.

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